Extrusion blow molding machine is a bottom-blow molding machine used in plastics processing, for
the automatic manufacture of thermoplastic containers by extrusion blow molding.

The machine is composed of an extruder, a forming machine and a station for automatic overmolding removal. All of it is placed inside a solid welded frame, with a complete cabin ensuring safety.
The machines that we offer to you are made of components of well-known global companies. All movements of the machine are carried out on linear bearings (induction hardened shafts and rails, guides and rolling bearing carriages – 100% spare parts).
The machine is controlled using comprehensive automation of B&R (Austria). Temperature control, extruder operation, control of the blowing machine and machine diagnostics is performed using an advanced PLC with a touch panel.   SELECTED COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES:
Use of ecological electric and pneumatic drives.
Low energy consumption (electric drives).
Accurate and programmable operating parameters (electric drives).
Process automation.
Possible use of advanced multi-point systems for adjusting the wall thickness of extruded
sleeve – savings in the optimal use of raw material (electric drives).
Short changeover times.
Possible installation of a mold with larger dimensions.
Facilitated access to the workspace during machine changeover (easier access to mold
High production versatility.
Optimum compact design using the smallest possible space.
Improved pressure distribution on the forming plates.
Increased stiffness and contact pressure of the closing machine.
Adaptation to the use of systems of development and transport of removed technological
overmolding (conveyors, mills, raw material feeders with regranulate dosing, dye