Bottle moulds

Production of bottle moulds for the food and chemical industries.

Canister moulds

Production of moulds for canisters in various sizes.

Other moulds

Production of blow moulds for single and multiple machines and rotational moulds.

Design of each mold for extrusion blow molding starts from a properly designed product, taking into account the potential technological and operational problems.

The mold can be made based on a 3D model provided by the customer, a physical design measured and modeled by our construction studio, or one scanned in a 3D technology.

We currently make molds for containers with a capacity of 5 to 5,000 mL, single or multiple ones. The mold design is always adjusted to the customer’s machine, regardless of whether it is a machine constructed by us or a machine of other manufacturers. Our portfolio includes upper-blow, bottom-blow, upper- and bottom-blow molds, and molds with air supply through the needle inside the mold. On the customer’s request, molds can be equipped with grippers, individual overmolding removal mechanism and ejectors.

Our offer includes molds used to manufacture toys (watering cans, balls, blocks, pyramids), industrial packaging (large canister 5L, bottles from 1L to 5L), funnels, bottles, technical equipment (connectors, pipes) and food packaging (water bottles).

 The construction studio develops mold construction according to the requirements and the budget of the customer’s. While preparing the design, we take into account the length of production series and select materials that ensure proper durability and possibility of regeneration of the mold. All molds are equipped with a cooling system adjusted to the size and weight of the manufactured product. We prepare molds using milling, turning and electrical machining technology. CNC machine tools ensure quick and accurate production. With the 3D design and archive of prepared molds, we can modify them, regenerate them and add spare parts later on.




ERA TECH produces moulds for any bottle blow molding machine. We manufacture moulds for bottles, canisters, toys, pipes and many other elements made of plastic.